Contractor Limited Companies

  • Find out how your real, live, evidenceable substitution capability with 34square can help you ensure a plentiful supply of outside IR35 engagements for the long term.
  • You and your client may never have to use a substitute, but your membership of 34square should help your clients to robustly embrace the concept that the legal right must exist in order to protect the delivery obligations of your contract for services.​​
  • Being forced inside IR35 could cost you between 15% and 25% of your take home income.​​
  • We can help industry, help your clients to keep fuelling a thriving outside IR35 resource pool and delivery channel.​​
  • This service will cost you less than £1 a week after tax. Less than 0.1% of your take home income?​​

Subscription Model

All fees are per resource and will have VAT added at the prevailing rate. Terms and Conditions will apply.

First Year Fee £0
Renewal with no lapse - £0

We are no longer charging for subscription as we will be pulling back from supporting this service. If anyone is interested in acquiring the platform, please PM me and we'd be happy to discuss. It can be very easily rebranded and we can offer some functional support for an agreed period of time. 

Looking for other charges? You won’t find any.​

  • Use our services as often as you like.​
  • One annual fee and NOTHING ELSE.
  • No percentages of daily rates. No IR35 assessment fees.No transaction charges for using our platform capabilities.
  • Our vision is to provide our outside IR35 solution with no disruption of your existing agent and client relationships and no material impact on your income.