How do we help clients sleep easy?

  • We help you to keep acquiring and retaining top talent from the WHOLE TALENT pool.
  • Take a look at The Client Solution from the top of our banner for a concise explanation of how it works.
  • Our subscribed contractors pay a nominal annual fee. We don’t charge the client.
  • Our Status Determination Statements page explains how we help you to meet the regulatory, compliance and reasonable care obligations laid down by HMRC.
  • We trigger your hiring managers or compliance team to generate, issue, store and periodically review watertight Outside IR35 Status Determination Statements.
  • We furnish contractors with a robust substitution capability in the event you both determine it’s warranted in the absence of your usual resource.
  • We help cement a legal right of substitution you should already have in your contractual terms, with the added protection of a Right of Substitution Declaration.
  • Our Substitution page explains at the outset why Right of Substitution is actually a benefit for clients, that is often misunderstood or misinterpreted.
  • These FAQs also explain what you are and more importantly, are NOT signing up to.
  • If there is a client or agent decision to use the HMRC Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) assessment (you don't have to to be compliant), we will make available to subscribed agents upon request, a full worker and client guide for executing the CEST assessment in conjunction with our service, that explains the context and true meaning of questions where needed.

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  • Take a look at our blogs to learn the simple engagement steps 34square facilitates to enable you to continue engaging contractors outside IR35 the way you always have, with no fear of compliance risk, no fees and no changes to your existing relationships and terms and conditions.

Client Benefits

  • Take a look at our services under ‘What We Do’.
  • Free of Charge Status Determination Statements - generate, issue, store and prompted cyclical review and regenerate. Compliance peace of mind. No legal or IR35 assessment fees. Take a look in detail here:
  • We can guide parties through the CEST process.
  • We can explain the implications of the various factors, including the right of substitution.
  • We’ll explain how you benefit from our substitution model.
  • We won’t charge you for these services.
  • We’ll be looking for your contractors to join 34square and benefit from outside IR35 status.

Acquire and Retain Vital Talent

Harness Outside IR35 Value​


Avoid SDS Process Disputes​

IR35 Compliance Peace of Mind

Driven Competitive Advantage​