How do we help clients sleep easy in the face of IR35 compliance risk and complexity?client

  • We help you to keep acquiring and retaining top talent from the WHOLE TALENT pool.
  • Our IR35 Status Assessment Tool page explains how we help you meet and even exceed regulatory, compliance and reasonable care obligations laid down by HMRC.
  • We enable your hiring managers or compliance team to quickly and efficiently generate, issue, store and periodically review robust IR35 Status Determination Statements (SDS).
  • Clients can play a fully active role or can  ask agent or contractor to complete the assessment and simply send it to you for review, approval and SDS generation.
  • We furnish contractors with a robust substitution capability in the event you both determine it’s warranted in the absence of your usual resource.
  • We enable you to optionally help cement a legal right of substitution you may already have in contracts, with a Right of Substitution Declaration. 
  • Our Substitution page explains at the outset why the often misunderstood Right of Substitution is actually a benefit for clients.
  • These FAQs also explain what you are and more importantly, are NOT signing up to.
  • We can turn 'paper tiger' contract clauses into a fanged and clawed right of substitution and deter any dispute from HMRC.

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Client Benefits

  • Compliance peace of mind combined with the option to drive an outside IR35 engagement model for the benefit of all parties.
  • Free of Charge, fast, efficient and robust IR35 status assessments and Status Determination Statements (SDS) - generate, issue, store and prompted cyclical review and regenerate your SDS. Compliance peace of mind. No legal or IR35 assessment fees. Take a look in detail here:
  • We can explain the implications of the various factors, including the right of substitution.
  • We explain how you can optionally benefit from our substitution model.
  • We won’t charge you for these services.  Contractors pay a nominal annual fee for capabilities we provide to them for the potential benefit of all parties.

Acquire and Retain Vital Talent

Harness Outside IR35 Value​

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Avoid SDS Process Disputes​

IR35 Compliance Peace of Mind

Driven Competitive Advantage​

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