Begin Limited Company Registration

To begin registration, simply enter your company number from Companies House in box provided and click ‘Proceed’. Then follow the instructions on screen.

This can be found on your company’s Certificate of Registration issued by companies house.
You can also search for it using your company name on the companies house website here.

Why does 34square need your company number?

In order to be a member of 34square, you must be registering your UK limited company. That is the entity that will contract with other limited companies on the site. We have had some feedback that there are concerns about attracting attention from HMRC. There are several reasons why you need not be concerned:

  1. Your data is secure and not open to non-members. We do not expect HMRC to be joining.
  2. Unless you somehow manage to avoid filling in your tax return, HMRC already knows who you are, where you are and what you are doing.
  3. Membership of 34square has far greater potential to shift HMRC focus away from you than towards you

Your company details

Your account information

Please use a permanent email address and not a temporary client email address. This email address will be fixed for the duration of this membership.
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