• With 34square you can provide your candidates and clients with a simple, fast, easy to use IR35 assessment process with instant results. You can also optionally provide predictable outside IR35 status via our contractors' unique capabilities, to the benefit of all parties in the chain.
  • We can protect your revenue by preventing your candidates from leaving your clients due to being forced inside.  Read more here.
  • We can fuel your competitive advantage, arming you with a model that gives you and your clients access to the WHOLE talent pool via outside IR35.
  • We can remove the uncertainty of assessing candidates and engagements, by providing a robust assessment process that can be combined with optional outside IR35-bolstering capabilities to drive a predictable, safe, compliant Outside IR35 result.
  • We essentially remove the risks you take on as the deemed employer or fee payer, as stated in EXAMPLE FOUR at the bottom of this HMRC page.
  • In the event of a rare substitution event, you retain your margin by continuing to charge the client and pay your contractor as usual.
  • Your contractor can meet the HMRC stipulation of engaging and paying the substitute, with a legally binding contract and overall contractual integrity and continuity.

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