How do we help recruiters drive their business?

  • We can protect your revenue by preventing your candidates from leaving your clients due to being forced inside.  Read more here.
  • We can fuel your competitive advantage, arming you with a model that gives you and your clients access to the WHOLE talent pool via outside IR35.
  • We remove the uncertainty of assessing candidates and engagements, by prescribing the requirements in advance to enable safe, compliant Outside IR35 engagements.
  • We remove the risks you take on as the deemed employer or fee payer, as stated in EXAMPLE FOUR at the bottom of this HMRC page.
  • If there is a client or agent decision to use the HMRC Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) assessment (you don't have to to be compliant), we share a full worker and client guide for executing the CEST assessment in conjunction with our service, that explains the context and true meaning of questions where needed.
  • In the event of a rare substitution event, you retain your margin by continuing to charge the client and pay your contractor as usual.
  • Your contractor can meet the HMRC stipulation of engaging and paying the substitute, with a legally binding contract and overall contractual integrity and continuity.

Contented Clients and Contractors


Fee Payer Risk Removed

Keep placing sustainable talent