What does that mean for clients engaging freelance contractors? Well... they either compromise their access to the whole talent pool and insist on inside IR35 engagement, OR they ensure they are safely compliant engaging outside IR35 and safeguard the delivery of successful transformation and change programs.

Still the only truly reliable way to engage contractors outside IR35 is to make it abundantly clear you are engaging their limited company in a contract for services. And still the safest and clearest way to do that is to embrace the right of substitution. A right that UNIQUELY with the 34square assessment process, can optionally be proven to exist and be executable to the letter of HMRC stipulations, even if it has never and does never happen. The point is that you are acknowledging your legal contract is NOT with the individual worker. The benefit? Simple. Higher quality, lower risk delivery and better results for the same price or less. Why? Because the best possible delivery relies upon the best possible TALENT.

The right of substitution is even a benefit for the client.

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