Our collective power to protect and fuel a thriving outside IR35 service delivery channel is reliant upon the scale of our membership and client awareness of the profound difference we can make to their reasonable care compliance obligations with SDSs, and in terms of the capabilities you can share with them. Membership of 34square can firmly render your contracts as with your limited company and therefore NOT personal service. We’d appreciate your efforts to help spread the word among contractors, agents and clients. We’d be happy to help to explain to clients why we make such a big difference to outside IR35 compliance. Please feel free to reach out and put us in touch with your sponsors. An unfettered, unchallengeable and feasible Right of Substitution, even if NEVER used, is, according to HMRC themselves, and supported by case law, potentially SOLELY determinative of outside IR35. Watch OUTSIDE IR35 COMPLIANCE FOR CLIENTS to learn how the SDS process works.