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  1. HMRC Compliant substitution capability.
  2. Hard evidence for HMRC of Right of Substitution that you don't have to use.
  3. Free, iron-clad SDS generation and end-to-end process for clients, with electronic signature, audit trail, storage and prompted review and re-issue. No expertise required.
  4. Comprehensive Statements of Work generator.
  5. Outside IR35 Contracts guidance and IR35 guidance in general.
  6. A major BOOST for a client's case that they have taken reasonable care in their IR35 status determination.

We are engaging clients in the full outside IR35 engagement process. This is a genuine industry solution. TELL YOUR AGENTS! TELL YOUR CLIENTS! First 500 contractors join for not much over £50 after tax. Compare that with other options out there. This is true innovation, aimed at the bulls-eye of the problem.