IR35 and Slaying the Substitution Dragon

There's been some coverage on linkedin recently from Dave Chaplin regarding the above. I'm unable to access the content but doubtless agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. Ever since the launch of 34square last year, our main message has been that what we resolve is that sole reliance upon substitution lines in a contract that so many clients, recruiters and contractors have placed their trust in for two decades. If you combine those lines in a contract, assuming they are robustly worded, with an irrefutable capability and intent to substitute should the need arise, then your transform your paper tiger right of substitution into a fire-breathing, ferocious, invincible dragon. With 34square, you can even cement or strengthen the rights stated in any contracts and mitigate the risks of any contradictions or conflicting witness testimony.

Combine all of that with a free*, repeatable, refineable, guided, robust and fair IR35 assessment process and you have 34square... the pinnacle of safe and equitable IR35 compliance.

* our annual contractor subscription is for contractor-specific capabilities in relation to substitution. The assessment, essentially a client service, bears no charges for clients or recruiters and no additional charge for contractors over and above their subscription.