A Call Out to Recruiters... Remove IR35 Rankles & Frustrations for your Clients and Candidates

I've heard numerous complaints from agents and contractors about IR35 assessment and compliance process experiences. Often it's due to some adopted standard process and service provider by a client. A slow process that can take a week or even three. Outcomes switching at the last moment from Outside to Inside. Slow, clunky, confusing and / or opaque questionnaires. A lack of process clarity and predictability. Inflexible tool that doesn't allow or limits iteration. Outcomes that aren't clearly explained or justified. IR35 service providers even taking a material percentage of the daily rate. Seriously?

Your clients and contractors no longer have to suffer these unsatisfactory, sometimes unfair, often uncomfortable experiences. 34square now provides a full IR35 assessment tool / process and status determination statement on our platform, with full self-service or support fro us, that can complete the process equitably and robustly in minutes, with none of the above rankles and frustrations. ON TOP of all that, we provide your candidates with capabilities that can substantially increase the probability of and/or firmly bolster an Outside IR35 status conclusion.

Let 34square put you, your clients and your candidates in control. And the only fee is a nominal annual contractor subscription that for most will amount to less than £50 a year after tax.

Some clients may believe it isn't their problem. But as more and more organisations DO get wise, those that don't will be left behind in the talent acquisition and retention race, and they'll drag their agents with them.  Don't let IR35 compromise or erode your business. Talk to 34square.