1. Contractor registers, adds resource and pays nominal subscription fee.
  2. Client and agent / fee payer register free of charge.
  3. Contractor loads main contract with fee payer.
  4. Contractor generates Right of Substitution Declaration and sends to client.
  5. Client signs and publishes Right of Substitution Declaration. There are FAQs here that explain in detail why you never have to invoke this right. It just needs to exist: https://www.34square.com/right-of-substitution-declaration-faqs
  6. Client prompted immediately to generate SDS, and does so.
  7. Client sends SDS to contractor and agent / fee payer.
  8. Contractor and agent / fee payer sign SDS to acknowledge receipt, and publish.
  9. Signed copies of all documents stored in everyone’s document library.
  10. At frequency chosen by the client, they are prompted to kick off the repeat of steps 6 to 9.

All steps are simple and take only a couple of minutes or less, all supported by simple electronic signature on our platform.