34square launches full IR35 status assessment tool capability

We are excited to announce a further investment in and expansion of the capabilities on our platform. We have now wrapped our unique outside IR35-bolstering contractor capabilities into a full IR35 status assessment service.

We unlock the mystique around IR35 assessment and put you in control


Embrace the freedom of a transparent questionnaire, that explains why conclusions are reached and how to refine working practices and contractual terms to drive an equitable outcome

Safe, equitable, user-friendly, transparent and packed with guidance for the user in terms of the context of the questions. Lots of other user journey benefits and options, including full official named parties assessments and Status Determination Statements (SDSs), anonymous role testing and conversion of same into multiple official named parties assessments and SDSs. You can also navigate backwards and forwards and review and refine your responses, plus repeat and regenerate as often as you like.

You can play with the questionnaire without being registered. For the full user journey and confirmed conclusions you need to be registered, which is free for clients and agents. Only a nominal annual fee for contractors that amounts to probably less than £1 a week after tax, for which you get a host of capabilities. Follow this link: https://www.34square.com/ir35-status-assessment-tool